Create PDFs from spreadsheet, APIs in 2 minutes.

Import data from Google Sheets, Excel, APIs or any other data source and auto generate PDFs online. Ideal for real estate documents, invoices, tickets, legal, invoices, certificates and much more.

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Import data from multiple sources instantly

How it works

Step 1
Create template

Make your template using our template builder or copy paste HTML. We support UTF-8 format.

Step 2
Connect a data source

Connect the data source to your template. Supports Google Sheets, CSV, Airtable or APIs.

Step 3
Preview and generate

Preview the first few files and autogenerate the rest. We'll send you a zip file when we are done.

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I had to trouble my IT team to create admit cards for my students. Now I can generate this in a few minutes without having to trouble anyone. Liberating!

John Hoover

Head of Operations, Management Development University

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Write out to our customer support team.

  • We provide a very simple interface that allows you to design documents quickly. If you can use Google Docs or Word, you will have no trouble using our software. You can store your files as templates and then use them later to quickly generate files. Once you are done designing the template, we will show you a preview with the first three rows of the data source.

  • A template is a file that is a starting point for a new PDF file. You can store templates to quickly re-create complex PDF files such as admit cards, certificates and so on. We offer a bunch of pre-built templates by default. In addition to that, based on your plan, you can create and store custom templates.

  • Yes! We generate print quality files. A few customers use our tool to generate admit cards for examinations. Just remember to use high quality images while designing your PDF to avoid pixelation.

  • We use modern web technologies to generate the files and therefore support a wide variety of languages. If your content can be viewed on a web browser, we can convert that to PDF. We use a headless browser (Pupeteer) to generate these files.

  • Yes, you can access the entire tool when you are on the free plan. However, you will be able to generate only 100 files under the free plan.

  • Yes, API access will be provided if you sign up as a business. If you are in any other plan and want to use APIs, get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you.

  • All the files you generate are visible only to you. We store the generated files in an object storage system like Amazon S3 and clear it from time to time.

  • You can watch our video tutorials to understand how to use the software.

Generate PDF files using spreadsheet data
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